South Korean tech giant Samsung is expected to unveil its new smartphones at San Francisco on February 20. The launch event will assuredly put an end to all the rumors and speculation surrounding the Galaxy S10. But it will likely also drudge up new ones about the company’s foldable smartphone. The short video from the official @SamsungMobile has a cryptic-yet-pretty-obvious folding Korean text. The clip, which lasts 15 seconds, features the words “the future unfolds” and the date “02.20.19” which, for those of you who have been living under a rock recently is the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch date.

However, Samsung has previously indicated that the device will sport two displays: one foldable 7.3-inch panel with a 1,536 x 2,152-pixel resolution and another smaller 4.58-inch cover screen with an 840 x 1,960-pixel resolution when hybrid device is closed. Samsung’s foldable handset also sports ‘Multi-Active Window’ support that allows users to open up to three apps simultaneously.

The only question is how much Samsung will be ready to announce at the event, as the spotlight will undoubtedly be on the Galaxy S10. It wouldn’t make much sense for Samsung to overshadow its new flagship phone with the experimental Galaxy F.