If an insanely popular rapper doesn’t publicly apologize for publicly cheating on his wife multiple times in front of a sea of thousands of people, does the apology even matter? Over the weekend Cardi B made history as the first woman to headline Rolling Loud, the largest Hip Hop festival in the world. As the “Invasion Of Privacy” entertainer performed her hits to a packed crowd, her husband Offset crashed the party to make another apology for “entertaining” a girl. With a red and white “Take Me Back” cake set to match Cardi’s red stage aesthetic, the Migos member said his peace to his visibly upset wife and quickly exited the stage sparking an awkward moment that instantly started trending on the internet.



In the United States around 40-50 percent of married couples divorce. Younger, millennial women are causing the divorce rate to drop due to couples getting married at an older age. We’re no longer in the era of baby boomers and generation x where marriage seemed like a commitment based on love and dependence. Women are more independent and understand the downsides of solely relying on a spouse to emotionally and financially support them through life. Because of that divorces are more frequent and couples have to determine if the pricey event and sacred vows are worth the antiquated idea of marriage. After Offset made his Rolling Loud appearance the internet quickly divided on whether Cardi should take Offset back after this latest cheating scandal.

Rappers like The Game, 50 Cent, and T.I. took to Instagram to express their sadness for the couple’s split and urged Cardi to take her man back because it’s the holiday season and when you’re rapper that has mad women throwing themselves at you, how can you not entertain them from time to time?While I can agree that maintaining a womanizing image has been a major part of the rapper lifestyle, when you get married and surrender your single life to become an unit, cheating on any level because of the overwhelming amount of options isn’t a good excuse. Couples don’t have to get married to successful raise children, especially when they aren’t ready to endure the commitment and work it takes to have a healthy marriage.

This mindset that men are bound to cheat so women have to accept their shortcomings until they reach a certain age or level of maturity isn’t being accepted the same way it did in past generations. We’re in an age of independence and cancelling toxic behavior or dysfunctional relationships and with so many options to find love, the idea of settling seems unnecessary. Time will tell if Cardi will take Offset back but I can’t help but wonder if Offset would be so quick to take Cardi back if the roles were reverse. Would all these male rappers and men with a complicated past come out in waves to support the woman’s infidelity?

When the couple initially spilt Cardi shared a tweet expressing she needed time to make a decision and while Offset’s apologies seem genuine, trying to get the internet to guilt your spouse to make a significant decision seems unfair. No matter what happens both of these artists will push forward in their respective careers and maybe gain some inspiration from this marital hiccup but the importance of respecting boundaries and appreciating what you have before it’s gone, will continue to ring in people’s minds as we watch this Hip Hop love story play out.

Article By: Marcel “The Messenger” Jeremiah