In the near future owning a key will be like owning a typewriter.

Alexa, unlock my front door. The everyday mundane tasks that we’ve learned to do without a second thought are becoming tasks for our smartphones to handle. There are apps that can deliver groceries to our door. Face ID can unlock our iPhones because who has the time to type in their passwords anymore? The latest invention will have us leaving our keys at home and using our smartphones to unlock our cars, houses and apartments.

Smart locks are currently on the market to unlock your house, garage and car doors. From Kwikset Kevo, the first smart lock on the market to popular brands like August and Schlage Lock Company which utilize Alexa and Siri to make digital locks even more convenient. While the house smart lock concept has been fully realized over the years, the car industry still has some work to do before we see digital locks on a majority of cars.

According to Security Today a new version to the digital car lock system will arrive in early 2019, allowing the digital lock technology to be more accessible and affordable to implement. With many car markers wanting to get into the smart key action the transition to digital keys should be pretty seamless over the next five years. Hopefully our smartphone batteries continue to evolve with all this new technology. Don’t want missing keys and a dead smartphone, there’s only so many times you can replace broken screens and windows.


Article By: Marcel “The Messenger” Jeremiah