A dash cam is obviously a must-have device for anyone who wants to be able to drive with the comfort in knowing you’re covered if you ever get into an accident. Even when it’s not your fault, the other driver will often try to pin the blame on you in order to save him or herself. If you use a dash cam, the entire incident will be recorded and the police won’t have to rely on anyone’s word. If you don’t already have one, definitely check out the Goluk T2 1080P Dash Cam . It has a great compact design that doesn’t obstruct your view at all, it records terrific high-quality footage, and you can even connect your smartphone to control it.

goluk dash cam

It’s also designed to make sharing your content to social media platforms from your smartphone a breeze. Some handy features include: wireless WiFi connectivity, camcorder and mobile app remote control functionality, allowing you to capture, edit, and share videos on your smartphone to post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. It’s also great for accident disputes and car security, as it’s equipped with motion detection, parking monitor loop recording, and crisp night vision.

Article By Maren Estrada