Emojis representing periods and gender non-specific couples are going to be introduced this year.

The period emoji follows a campaign by Plan International, which had hoped to secure an emoji featuring a pair of pants with two blood drops on it.

In a tweet, Plan said: “We are thrilled to announce that we are actually getting a #PeriodEmoji! It is through your support that we can now celebrate that the @unicode have announced that we will get our first ever #PeriodEmoji in March 2019.”

Some of the new emoji coming in 2019
Image:Some of the new emojis coming in 2019

Carmen Barlow, digital strategy and development manager at Plan International UK, said: “Emojis play a crucial role in our digital and emotional vocabulary, transcending cultural and country barriers. A period emoji can help normalize periods in everyday conversation.

“For an organization like Unicode to recognize that menstruation should be represented in this new global language is a huge step towards breaking down a global culture of shame around periods.”

It joins more than 200 new emojis which are coming out this year, including gender non-specific emojis, emojis representing disabilities, and service dogs.

Scope, the disability charity, praised the new emoji – which include people of varying skin tones in motorized and manual wheelchairs, as well as people with mobility canes, using service dogs, and an ear with a hearing aid.

The charity tweeted: “Very pleased to see more diverse representation… for disabled people.”

Some of the new animal emoji from Unicode
Image:Some of the new animal emojis from Unicode

All of the new human emojis feature skin tone variations, and there are several iterations of the gender non-specific couple, each in a different tone.There will also be a host of new emojis for food – including falafel, butter and garlic. Animal emojis making a debut include sloths, orangutan, flamingos and an otter.

Source: Sky News