Ten years from now I predict cellphones will be permanently embedded into our palms because the mobile addiction is getting serious. We depend on our phones for everything. Google is the source to the universe’s answers, social media feeds our self esteem and Netflix supplies constant entertainment. Even on the roads. Two weeks ago in Maplewood, Minnesota, a woman was crushing down Interstate 94 while streaming Netflix.

With strict rules in most states preventing “texting and driving” or “drinking and driving”, streaming the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina on the road seems like an obvious don’t but we always need someone to be the reason for a new law. Taylor Ann Thiets swerved off the roadway in her Subaru Impreza and hit the median. The one vehicle crash caused a secondary accident due to the backed up traffic with four other vehicles. Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant Jesse Grabow noted some injuries but thankfully no one died in the accidents. The 20 year old received a citation for the “use of wireless communications device” which is against the law in Minnesota unless it’s for an emergency or phone call.

Even though the accident wasn’t fatal, an important lesson can be gained by Theits and other distracted drivers like her. Your phone can wait! Focus on the road so you don’t become a distracted driver that causes a preventable death statistic. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted 3,400 deaths due to distracted driving in 2016 and the deaths will increase if bad habits aren’t fixed. With no serious injuries or deaths to deal with, the police didn’t have a chance to ask Theits what show or movie was worth her life and I hate to be that guy but I’m curious…

Article By: Marcel “The Messenger” Jeremiah