Jacquees Crowns Himself ‘King Of R&B’ And The Internet Reacts


When Jacquees took to Instagram to declare himself “King Of R&B”, the rising artist fairly got a lot of collective heat from the internet. A title that has been bestowed to the greats (Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder) represents an artist leading his genre. His albums don’t just chart on Billboard but they influence music, period. Sales and huge streaming numbers are great and essential in this digital era but timeless music transcends everything and when you’ve reached the level of your career that people are calling you a King or G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) it truly means something.

The men of R&B from different eras and levels of relevancy quickly added their opinions on Jacquees gasoline doused post that lit this royal rumble. Artists like Usher, Tyrese, R. Kelly held it down on the established side, with countless awards, platinum plaques and amazing careers under their belts. The one hit wonders and former hit makers also made some noise but aside from a few Instagram posts, the opinions that held weight were the artists that are still making an impact in the genre.

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Fuck it !!!

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Even though Jacquees revised his title to the “King Of R&B in his generation, we can’t ignore the rising artists that have not only received critical acclaim and huge fanbases from their project, they also have helped revitalize the freshness of the R&B genre. From Daniel Caesar, Bryson Tiller, Anderson Paak, and 6LACK to name a few, any of these artist’s accomplishments or catalogs could remove Jacquees from the conversation. Ruling a genre from the sales standpoint tends to be a young man’s sport so in five years maybe Jacquees will build his reps to the point that his career can go against the current heavyweight champs of the genre (Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign, Miguel) but until then the B.E.D. singer needs to stay in the studio and work toward his legacy.

Who’s the King Of R&B?

Article By: Marcel “The Messenger” Jeremiah