Instagram is back up after suffering a “partial outage” for several hours, but its parent company Facebook appears to be still having problems.

Users across the world including the US, Japan, New Zealand and parts of Europe were affected by Thursday’s outage and faced difficulties accessing the social network giant and its apps Whatsapp and Instagram for several hours.

“Anddddd… we’re back,” Instagram tweeted on Friday morning with a GIF of Oprah Winfrey screaming in delight.

There was no update from Facebook since it tweeted a message at 6.30pm on Thursday saying it was “focused on working to resolve the issue as soon as possible”.

Users also appeared to still be having problems with Whatsapp – at least 17 hours on from when the outage was first flagged.

Facebook has not said what is causing the outage. Some users have reported seeing a message that it was down for “required maintenance”.

Police in Canterbury, New Zealand, tweeted: “We know. Our @facebook and @instagram haven’t been working either. Unfortunately we cannot do anything about this because, you know, they’re based in America and we’re the Police. So please don’t call us to report this. Pretty please.”

#FacebookDown, #Instagramdown and #whatsappdown were trending on Twitter.

The outage frustrated lots of users, including Lindsay Lohan, who tweeted Instagram to say: “Please contact me.”

Another user wrote: Sooo.. Facebook/Instagram crashed and…..Instagram fixed but Facebook is not sending SMS code so I can’t login 😫😫😫 #FacebookDown #instagramdown #dying #help #trending.”

But many saw the funny side, including turning to Twitter while the other apps were down – as well as the opportunity for a digital detox.

One Twitter user wrote: “I wonder how many just stopped scrolling yesterday and looked up from their phone during the “outage”. I think all platforms should be down globally for 1 day a week (like in movie #ReadyPlayerOne). Give people a chance to chat a dinner time! #instagramdown #FacebookDown.”

Another tweeted: “We have deviated from living in the real world. We will know the worth of real life once we are away from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. #instagramdown #InstagramBlackout2019 #FacebookDown.”

“Social media crashes and people can’t cope. I’d love the internet to crash for 1 week and see the world then #FacebookDown #instagramdown #whatsappdown,” wrote another.