Canon is bringing out a new full-frame mirrorless camera next to its EOS R model. The EOS RP is lighter than the previous model and $1,000  cheaper than the R.

It also comes with an RF-mount lens, just like the EOS R. The camera body including battery and memory card, but without the lens, weighs only 485g. The CMOS sensor has a 26.2-megapixel resolution, and light sensitivity of ISO 40,000, which can be expanded up to 102,400.

The Canon EOS RP takes 0.05 seconds to focus – best-case scenario, at least. Apart from the electronic viewfinder, it also has a 7-inch touchscreen display that can be pulled out and twisted around as needed.

The camera can also take five pictures per second, and has the ability to film 4K videos at 25 images per second. When it comes to Full HD videos, the EOS RP can take 60 images per second.

Canon’s new device will become available at the end of February, and will cost $1,299 for just the body, and $2,399  if you want to add the lens.