Bibi Bourelly Drops Sobering Visual For New Single “White House”


2018 has been a dividing time for the United States. Every week a new crisis arose that challenged our humanity and show us the effects of our inability to listen, relate and understand each other. When you’re constantly reading headlines on mass shootings taking place around the country or watching parts of Northern California burn during wildfire season, the overwhelming feeling of being helpless to world’s issues is inevitable. But when you move past the shock of those moments and become wiser and stronger in the process, your growth can insight change in others.


Bibi Bourelly is a notable singer-songwriter that has taken a moment from penning hits for superstars like Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera to reflect on the state of the world with her new song. “White House” feels like a raw response to the preventable destruction of our society and environment. As Bourelly opens with the lines, “I’m scared for the birds / I’m scared for the bees / I’m scared for the earth / I’m scared for its trees / I’m scared New York’s gonna drown / Mr. Fire Man / the empire is falling down,” and later calling out one of the most influential fuels go a lot of this nation’s fires; we see an artist that’s unafraid to use her platform to impact the awareness of others and say some real shit in the process.

When we discuss the issues of global warming, gun control, systematic oppression and education decline, we spend too much time blaming our opposing political parties and “powers beyond our control” instead of getting to the root of the issues. Living in our own bubbles and not working toward truly understanding each other continues to be our downfall on this road to making America “great” or feasible to live in for everyone. We can’t take our possessions and money with us when we pass. The small yet powerful group of political figures, corporations and media groups that control the wealth and hierarchy of power in this world can only reign for so long while letting the working to lower class struggle so they can live comfortable lives. The wage gap needs to be adjusted. Minimum wage jobs that are needed to keep our economy and society afloat need to offer living wage and acceptable insurance plans. The improvement of living in this world needs to be improved in general whether you’re living in the suburbs in the Midwest or trying to survive on the coast in a city.

As you watch this striking visual and hear Bibi proclaim, “The kid’s can’t play outside / Cause the lightning strikes too low / And the snipers hit too high,” imagine where this world will evolve (or decline) to in a couple years. We see the issues affecting our society on a daily basis and ignoring it or hoping the next generation gets it right won’t save us. Live life considering how your actions will impact the world, no matter where you lie on the tax bracket. Recycling, learning from our country’s hateful past and electing officials who want to improve everyone’s state of living isn’t reserved duties for a segment of the population. These issues won’t die with us.

Article By: Marcel “The Messenger” Jeremiah