The Bose Frames are priced at $200, and they use the data from your smartphone

The 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California is proving to be an ideal location for Bose to showcase the augmented reality (AR) audio platform, Bose Frames. These smart sunglasses, which debuted in March, are opening up a completely new AR platform. At Coachella, Bose and Goldenvoice, creators of Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival are allowing concert goers to get access to exclusive real-time notifications and audio updates, without having to take their eyes off the spectacle around them and look down at their phones.

“Fans who pair their Bose Frames with the app while attending the show will be able to spend more time looking up and seeing what’s going on around them, while accessing information that will help make their experience even better,” says Crystal MacKenzie, head of marketing, Bose AR, in an official statement.

The Bose Frames are priced at $200, and they use the data from your smartphone’s accelerometer to allow you to interact with the surroundings while continuing to hear music and other information, thanks to the proprietary open-ear audio design. The Bose Connect app (free on the Apple App Store) offers access to more AR-apps that work with the Bose Frames. Some of the apps for the Bose Frames include a navigation app called Naviguide AR by Navisens, audio games app called Head Games by Earplay and a fitness app by fitness footwear and apparels brand New Balance.