Gun culture runs deep in America and as another year passes we have a new record to show the importance Americans place on their firearms. TSA announced that 2018 was a record breaking year for firearm discovery and while there’s been a law prohibiting guns being allowed on planes, the debate behind gun control is stronger than ever. Maybe the 4,239 firearms found in carry-ons alone belonged to citizens who want to protect themselves and utilize the second amendment at all times. If one of those firearms weren’t found, it could’ve been used to disarm another mass shooting, another alarming issue that has also increased in record numbers throughout the years. Whether you’re for or against guns you can’t deny that America loves its guns. But does America also love its citizens?

In 2018 there were 340 reported mass shootings around the United States according to the Gun Violence Archive Violence Archive, a nonprofit that tracks mass shootings in the country. The volume of these deaths vary with each incident but every life is priceless and was lost unjustifiably. Coverage continued for months after the incident at Stoneman Douglas High School Douglas High School. Three individuals lost their lives after a Thanksgiving home invasion invasion in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 13 people were fatally shot at the Borderline Bar and Grill Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California in the same month, contributing to the 328 deaths and 1,251 injuries that came from mass shootings last year. The scenarios could go on with shootings that took place around the U.S. and the common denominator is a lack of control.

A lack of control in the owners of these firearms (stemming more from legal firearms). A lack of control from the victims in these situations who chose not to utilize their rights and carry concealed weapons for their protection. When it comes to the gun control debate both sides are always looking for an overlying person or reason for these senseless deaths and for the most part there isn’t one. 8.6 million citizens live in the U.S. and violence will ensue. Whether it be from gang violence, racism, homophobia, domestic abuse and so many other reasons, human beings are complex and violence will always be a part of our nature especially when we live in a place that values dominance over human lives (the prolonged government shutdown being a perfect example).

This article isn’t liberal propaganda, urging everyone to dispose of their evil weapons because the power lies in the hands of the weapon, not the gun itself. Think of this more as a mirror, showing people the stats of what happened last year when it comes to gun violence. The proposals for stricter gun ownership laws have already been made. Multiple school shootings have been reported with onlookers who most likely thought the last deadly shooting they would witness that involved children was Sandy Hook in 2012. TSA and the Gun Violence Archive gave us a benchmark on our humanity. Let’s see if we’ll end this trend of topping it in 2019.

Article By: Marcel “The Messenger” Jeremiah